Tax and Accounting Service Plano, IL

Tax and Accounting Service Plano IL

Small businesses in Plano that have strong tax and accounting support can position themselves for greater growth and longevity.

Bailey Accounting & Co. serves your business with the skill and experience for precise financial management. Our command of U.S. tax code helps you lower your liability under the law and spot the details that can protect your business from the pains of an audit.

Accountant / Plano IL Small Business

Bailey Accounting & Co. was formed as a full-service tax agency for businesses in Plano, Yorkville, Oswego, Sandwich and Sugar Grove. Our experience spans diverse industries and focuses particularly on financial, consulting and professional services, construction and real estate.

Plano’s small business owners and managers look to grow in a specified market. Reaching that goal depends greatly on how well financial resources are managed. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of tax code and documentation, you can potentially lower your tax exposure.

We can also prepare an income tax projection with an incisive financial analysis. This review lets you know where your business stands at risk now while also helping to prevent future losses. It further assists you in paying the least amount of taxes required by law.

Additional tax and accounting services for your small business include:

  • bookkeeping
  • financial statements
  • state and federal tax representation
  • accounting software selection and implementation
  • management advisory services
  • payroll services

Our tax and accounting service can likewise assist you in areas such as end-of-year purchase decisions and extending your tax due date if needed.

If you are buying or selling a business in Plano, our knowledge of business types and finance can guide you through the intricacies of the transaction. We will help you reach your financial goal with the legal tax structure that favors you most.

Accountant / Plano IL Individual Taxpayers

We serve Plano’s individual taxpayers by helping them limit their tax liability in paying their fair amount under the law. With your Bailey Accounting & Co. accountant, you can meet your obligations with greater tax savings.

You work hard for your money, and you rightly deserve to keep what’s yours under the tax code. Our knowledge, experience and technology help you ensure smart and precise income tax preparation and planning.

Should there ever be a situation in which the state or the IRS is pursuing you, we are an Enrolled Agent that can represent you. Whether the issue involves an audit, taxes owed, an unfiled return, or an IRS levy or lien, we will apply the proper strategy toward achieving a desirable outcome.

We can also assist as your accountant for retirement and gift tax planning.

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We welcome each opportunity to form relationships with Plano’s businesses and individual taxpayers. Contact us at (630) 551-8307 to further discuss how our tax and accounting services can become integral to your financial planning.