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Tax Services for Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sandwich and Sugar Grove (IL)

Whether for a business or our personal finances, we can often see taxes as something to trudge through at best. However, although it is complex, the U.S. tax code includes ways you can save more than you thought you could in paying your fair amount.

The difference between discomfort and opportunity each year lies in having a tax advisor with a mastery of the tax code. You and that partner will also develop a relationship that draws out the right details for shaping your tax plan.

Bailey Accounting & Co. serves you with the tax experience and resources that help you gain greater control of your finances.

Income Tax Planning & Return Preparation

Tax laws and legislation are always changing. We ensure you adjust with them properly so you can capitalize on current tax savings while not overlooking what could attract tax authorities.

In particular, we focus on income tax planning and preparation for Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sandwich and Sugar Grove. By planning your taxes with us, you strategize your taxation for both the present and the future. By preparing your return with us, you minimize your tax exposure and liability.

Our tax services support concise tax management for all taxpayers who wish to save more and pay fairly:

  • Individuals and Proprietors
  • C Corporations
  • LLCs
  • S Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Estates, Trusts & Gifts
Taxing Authority Representation

If state or federal taxing officials start contacting you, corresponding with them can be complicated and time consuming. As an Enrolled Agent, Bailey Accounting & Co. is able to manage and resolve it for you. We help lessen the difficulty of dealing with tax authorities, protect your rights under the tax code and help steer the issue toward a desirable conclusion.

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Tax Effects of Buying or Selling a Business

The steps, negotiations and paperwork involved in buying or selling a business are complex. Our knowledge of business types and finance will guide you through each transactional phase. Our thorough understanding of deal structure and business taxation will position you for your financial goal with the legal tax structure that favors you most.

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You get closer to your objectives because we help you think and act according to a developed understanding of taxes and finance. We believe that business and individuals in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sandwich and Sugar Grove should benefit from being wise, informed taxpayers. Call us at (630) 551-8307 to find out more about our tax services.