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Tax and Accounting Services for Individuals in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sandwich and Sugar Grove (IL)

As an individual taxpayer, you can both pay your fair amount and contain your liability to state and federal government under the law. At Bailey Accounting & Co., we work with you to meet your obligations with the greatest possible savings within the always-changing tax code.

You work hard for your money, and you rightly deserve to keep what’s yours for both the present and the future. We support you with the knowledge and technology for smart, precise individual tax preparation and planning.

Income Tax Planning

Being a discerning taxpayer involves more than turning in accurate numbers once a year at income tax season. It also includes a distinctive personal focus on a carefully thought-out plan that you develop with your accountant at touch points during the year.

Bailey Accounting & Co. communicates with you well beyond tax season to help you minimize your tax obligations while enhancing your cash flow.

Income Tax Preparation

Tax accountants with an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) can prepare your income taxes for you, but education and experience will differ among them.

Our special concentration on income tax preparation for individuals in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Sandwich and Sugar Grove ensures mastery of the details for achieving your financial objectives even as you satisfy the IRS.

State & Federal Tax Representation

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where the state or the IRS is pursuing you, dealing with them on your own can be troublesome and even intimidating.

As an Enrolled Agent, Bailey Accounting & Co. has the experience and the resources to act on your behalf in addressing issues such as an audit, an unfiled return, taxes owed or an IRS levy or lien. We can lighten your burden by using the appropriate strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for you while appeasing the authorities.

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Retirement Tax Planning

Each of us will reach our time to retire. That stage will be easier and more welcome for us if we have financial resources waiting when we get there.

We help you focus on the right investments now so you have a greater potential nest egg later. Beyond building a diversified portfolio, we assist you with details such as how much cash flow you’ll need, how much of your retirement income will be taxable and how to minimize your retirement distribution tax liabilities.

Gift Tax Planning

The federal tax system looks to combine gifts you make when alive with others’ inheritances from your estate at death. In other words, any gift or estate money you transfer to another at any time is potentially subject to taxation.

Tax rates on taxable gifts are high, but the code includes provisions that can lower or even eliminate the tax. Bailey Accounting & Co. guides you through personal gift and estate planning that helps you legally achieve the least possible taxation.

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