Yorkville, IL Tax Preparation and Accounting Services

Yorkville, IL Tax Preparation and Accounting Services

Accounting is the language of Yorkville small business. Those who know and speak it well make the most of their resources while guarding against the unexpected.

Bailey Accounting & Co. masters that language for you so you can manage and invest your finances with greater precision. Our command of U.S. tax code helps you lower your liability under the law and spot the details that can protect your business from the pains of an audit.

Founded for the Benefit of Yorkville (IL) Small Business

Headquartered in Yorkville, Bailey Accounting & Co was formed by managing partner James Bailey, E.A., as a full-service tax agency for the community’s small businesses and individual taxpayers.

We support Yorkville’s business leaders and entrepreneurs with astute skill and knowledge in tax and accounting service, QuickBooks and CFO-level assistance. In addition to being a distinguished resource for income tax preparation and planning, we serve you as a long-term partner and asset for business growth and opportunity.

We can advise you in your primary concerns from entity formation to cash flow. We can also create an income tax projection with an in-depth review and tax analysis for your financial objectives. This analysis gives you great insight into where your business stands at risk today while helping to prevent losses tomorrow. It further assists you in paying the least amount of taxes required by law.

Other tax and accounting services for Yorkville small businesses include:

  • bookkeeping
  • accounting software selection and implementation
  • financial statements
  • management advisory services
  • state and federal tax
  • representation
  • payroll services

If you are buying or selling a business, our knowledge of business types and finance can guide you through each transactional phase. We help you achieve your financial goal with the legal tax structure that favors you most.

Accountant for Individuals in Yorkville (IL)

As an individual taxpayer in Yorkville, you can both pay your fair amount and contain your state and federal liabilities under the law. Bailey Accounting & Co. works with you to meet your obligations with the greatest possible savings within the always-changing tax code.

You work hard for your money, and you rightly deserve to keep what’s yours for both the present and the future. Supported by our knowledge and technology, you can achieve the income tax preparation and planning that furthers your financial objectives.

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where the state or the IRS is pursuing you, we have the experience and the resources to act on your behalf. As an Enrolled Agent, we can address issues such as an audit, an unfiled return, taxes owed or an IRS levy or lien. We will apply the proper strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We can serve as your accountant for retirement and gift tax planning as well.

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We welcome relationships and invite conversation with Yorkville’s businesses and individual taxpayers. Contact us at (630) 551-8307 to learn more about our tax and accounting services for the community.

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